Downtown Melbourne Murals

Melbourne Main Street is seeking Community Investors to support the Melbourne Mural Project. Having completed 6 murals in the Downtown District, our goal is to facilitate the painting of 15-20 murals ranging in size and style. The objective of this project is to use murals as a catalyst for redesigning our community and redefining our area as a destination for arts and culture. Public art is an essential component to community revitalization. Art strengthens communities, drives tourism, and fosters an environment of creativity and innovation. Through this community revitalization effort, we aim to engage the creative sector to drive economic develop in Historic Downtown Melbourne.


Official Paint Sponsor

Richard’s Paint – Official Paint Sponsor of Melbourne Main Street Murals | Richard’s Paint of Palm Bay | Richard’s Paint Mfg

Artist Spotlight: Cody Monahan

Cody Monahan (@hemplifelion) is a young entrepreneur and a up-and-coming artist, currently attending the University of North Florida for Fine Art and Business. He’s using his education to further his art career as well as his company, Hemp Life Co; a company based on environmental innovation, selling 100% organic hemp products since 2009.

All art for the company is done by Cody himself, designed to inspire humanity. Cody plans to continue painting murals, world-wide, to showcase his belief in love and creativity. The, Three Little Turtles, mural is his 4th and largest mural to date and he’s just beginning. This particular mural is very special to him because the original painting was a gift to his mother.

The turtles symbolize his family, to pay homage to his mother as well as commemorate his father who he lost at a young age. “Art is everything to me, it has always been my way to express myself to the world, as well as escape it. Every piece I do is deeply intertwined with love and pain, revealing my heart and soul to the world. Nothing will ever exceed my passion to create.” Cody believes he will never claim any particular style, that his art will constantly change and grow with him. His focus for his work is beauty, he wants to create a larger than life quality, showing the world that Heaven is a place on Earth.

Artist Spotlight: Ian Soden

Born in NJ and moved to FL when I was 2 or 3. I’ve always loved drawing for as long as I can remember. Went to school in Ft. Lauderdale for computer art and design and later continued studying art and design in Melbourne. I am a father of two boys and I am currently the in-house artist and graphic designer for Intracoastal Brewing Co. in Melbourne. I do freelance graphic art and design as well as various other commission work including portraits, murals, concept art, etc.

Artist Spotlight: Mark Gilliam

Mark Gilliam is a multidisciplinary artist, studied in many styles and forms of art. Fluent on surfaces ranging from paper and canvas, to exterior walls, and even skin. Being a proficient tattoo artist, and muralist are a primary focus alongside creating privately commissioned works.

Although heavily influenced by tattooing, graffiti, and other urban landscapes, Mark has an urge for education and progression in all artistic mediums. Mark can be contacted on Facebook by simply searching his name (Mark Gilliam), on Instagram at @Markgilliam_tattooer, or via email at

Artist Spotlight: Eric Wood

Eric Wood has been an artist since a young age. He graduated from Melbourne High School in 1991 where he won many awards for his drawings and paintings. He has always had a unique perspective and an eye for detail that sets him apart from other artists. He is an extremely creative person who always sees ways to improve things. He sees the beauty in everything he looks at. His extensive skills include painting large and small scale murals, drawing, sign-making, graphic design and printing. He currently lives in Palm Bay with his wife, Michele, and their two rescue dogs.

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